5. The Not-so-simple Task

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Spath finds a perfect place to use sidewalk chalk
How chalk can lead to neediness….
Spath drools all over chalk drawing as a result of deep concentration
Spath smears drool over chalk to make beautiful art
Spath's efforts pay off; the chalk draing is complete!
Spath begins hoping on the hopscotch while denrons watch
Spath begins hopscotching continously as it impresses the dendrons
Spath is forced by dendrons to hopscotch forever!
Spath's dendron nemeses get run over by a semi trick


  1. Lynn Baker says:

    Love Spath & his adventures!! The narration alongside your art fits perfectly to make the comic come alive :))) Nice work, Karah!!! Looking forward to the next installment…

  2. Lynn Baker says:

    Poor Spath being forced to work so hard!! You said he will get vengeance…. good thing!! Looking forward to that. Thanks for the update on our favorite character 😀

  3. Tim Baker says:

    I loved this recent Spath series. It is amazing how the simple pleasure of our dance can be turned into the exhausting striving to please the watchers. You have captured this in a light hearted way we can all relate to.

  4. Yuri says:

    Hi,Karah.I’m Yuri.
    Today’s party was very fun.Thank you for delivering my towel and watch.I could receive them while ago.Thank you very

  5. Yuri says:

    It might not be that I should say here,but I just wanted to say only a little at any cost.I’m sorry.

  6. Masahiro says:

    “FUNASSHI” exists at last column of page 1! (“FUNASSHI” is a character at Funabashi city in Japan) Thank you for nice lesson.

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