The shoulder-demon named spath

A clumsy little creature who is simply trying to relax when not on tempting-duty (which is not very hard work anyway). Spath adores cupcakes, the smell of freshly sawed wood, and seeds that float. Spath hates other shoulder demons and the gym.

The small dendrons who inhabit the rest of spath's world

Spicy little creatures of the vice and virtue genus who populate the world of shoulder-demons. Their feelings about Spath, and shoulder demons in general tend to oscillate depending on their mood at any given moment. Dendrons like hot showers, green tea and socializing with each other. They hate being out of control and being mistaken for small cupcakes.

The cupcake, object of spath's greatest desires

The core of what drives all shoulder-demons, of all varieties: the magnificent, pink-frosted-vanilla-cupcake. The cupcakes do not love or hate anything as they are inanimate.

Bomble, spath's indolent slug

Bomble is Spath’s indolent pet slug. A huge fan of eating, sleeping, and drooling, Bomble does little else (except for an occasional attack on a bug village or fortified castle). Bomble hates the band Cold Play and all happy people.

Colleus Cong, Spath's ultimate nemesis

Colleus is of the striped-shoulder demon variety, and is much better than Spath at everything. This has caused a smidge of self-righteousness in Colleus. Colleus likes badminton, persecution, and hunting for Easter eggs. Colleus hates the sound of forks on a plate. And Spath.

Local superhero, Croton the Babbit

Every community needs it’s local do-gooder/super-hero, and “Cro” happily fulfills that role. Cro’s powers include radar-whiskers (useful for finding lost things), and the ability to fly. Cro loves flying over the Grand Canyon, helping others, and munching cupcakes. Cro loves everyone and everything except for Bomble.