Spath’s Tanpopo Field of Dreams

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There is a sound of ripping, and then spath waves a mit at the viewer
Sounds of shredding = spath is near.


Spath holds up a torn picture of a dandelion field

Spath gets a little sassy.
“Dandelion fields greatly likable are!”

Well, spath, I know weeds are your yor favorite, but it takes an hour to get outside to that field!

Spath cries in agony at the thought of public transitSpath tears up dandelion field picture in agony of crushed dreams

As Spath weeps, Croton Babbit comes up to help.

Spath weeps into Cro's face!

Cro tapes together Spath's torn dreams. Some evil plotting ensues. Spath and Cro buy supplies: a colander and a vacuum cleaner Spath is set up with the public transitron! Path gives a cupcake to Cro and then runs off to catch a bus. Spath uses the converted vacuum cleaner to suck in the late bus! Spath gives the audience a mitts up while ascending the bus steps.

Spath sucks up a seat pig with the new transition!Spath wins victory over the muni bus seat pig

Spath destroys dendrons with public transitron

Spath makes a friend out of a stinky ghost!


Spath can finally enjoy the Tanpopo field!